Know Thy Enemy

In the American Interest, AHS speaker Jakub Grygiel discusses why the modern Western penchant for trusting in the equal rationality of all is strategic folly:

"The modern Western penchant for trusting in the equal rationality of all suggests otherwise. According to this conceit, there is no reason to plumb the nature of an enemy’s thinking because it is no different in essence from one’s own. But this is wrong."


The Opportunity Obama Missed in the State of the Union

In Foreign Policy, AHS speaker Kori Schake discusses why President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address showed that he is not that interested in governing:

"It was perversely fascinating to watch the man who condescendingly explained to the Republican congressional leadership in 2009 that “elections have consequences” sail with such imperious disdain through a speech wholly unconnected to the political realities of the legislative body to which he delivered this speech."


Obama Makes Clear: No Foreign-Policy Recalibration Coming

In Commentary Magazine, AHS adviser Max Boot discusses President Obama's recent State of the Union address:

"Listening to President Obama’s penultimate State of the Union address, I was more struck by what was missing rather than by what was included."



The Pundits Are Dead Wrong: SOTU Still Matters

In the National Interest, AHS speaker James Jay Carafano explains why the State of the Union address is as relevant as ever:

"This speech made history. No State of the Union address in the modern era makes the case more that America stands as strong and resilient as ever." 



Where You Can Learn About the (True) State of the Union on National Security

In The Daily Signal, AHS speaker James Jay Carafano suggests an alternate resource for serious analysis and sober assessment of the threats and opportunities awaiting our nation:

"If you want an accurate description of the state of our nation’s security, there is an information source that is remarkably free of political or ideological bias: the National Defense Panel (NDP)."



7 ways Turkey was the biggest terrorism hypocrite in Paris

In AEI Ideas, AHS speaker Michael Rubin discusses why Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is increasingly becoming Qadhafi 2.0:

"When it comes to ego, the air of mental instability, and apologies for and hypocrisies of terrorism, however, Erdoğan increasingly is Qadhafi 2.0." 



Welcome to China and America's Nuclear Nightmare

In the National Interest, AHS speaker Elbridge Colby warns that nuclear weapons will come to loom larger than they have since the Cold War over U.S. and Chinese military planning:

"Anxiety about the relative military balance between the United States and China is building among the defense officials charged with monitoring it. As a result, the United States is beginning to mount an effort to respond to China’s growing capabilities."