Terrorists and the Mantle of Human Rights

In Commentary magazine, AHS speaker Michael Rubin analyzes the strange bedfellows that some progressive organizations make with radical terrorist groups:

"Until human rights groups stop interpreting human rights through a subjective political lens, and until they cease allowing themselves to be used knowingly or through their own naivety by hardcore Islamist groups, they will both advance an agenda anathema to freedom, liberty, and individual and they will also make a mockery of their declared and important mission to promote human rights." 



The United Nations at 70: How to fix a broken organization

On the Fox News website, AHS adviser John R. Bolton discusses why the UN system today is a huge operation which defies orderly analysis:

"The fuzzy notion of continuing World War II’s winning coalition (itself called “the United Nations”) to prevent future wars disappeared long ago. The UN now has an extensive real-world record to evaluate, rather than merely its founders’ aspirations. Some drastic changes are clearly in order."



International Religious Freedom Policy and American National Security

In Public Discourse, AHS speaker Tom Farr discusses the Obama administration has failed to advance the cause of international religious liberty:

"The United States has had virtually no impact on the global rise of religious persecution. While American diplomats have helped in individual cases, we have had no comprehensive policy in place to help the millions who suffer because of their faith."


On ISIS, Syria, Iran, and President Obama’s Middle East Strategy

On the Brookings Institution website, AHS speaker Michael Doran reveals what he believes is the “great white whale” of President Obama’s Middle East strategy:

"Although he says that Obama’s initiatives in the region have failed, he explains what the president can do to put together a coalition of like-minded powers to act as a counterweight to the ISIS threat."



The Russian Autocrat’s Eternal Return

In the American Interest, AHS speaker Jakub Grygiel analyzes why Russia remains a font of imperialism and war:

"Russia continues to baffle us. Her fragility is evident according to most metrics: a population in decline and in poor health, an economy unable to produce exportable goods and reliant on natural resources, and a political system propped by kleptocratic autocracy and propaganda."




“ISIS” Bans Art and Literature, We Should Promote These

In Arc of the Universe, AHS speaker Jennifer Bryson discusses the banning of art, music, and literature by the Islamic State:

"The so-called Islamic State is telling us what they fear. So we should bring it on. Wage art, wage music, wage literature until we can help bring art, music, and literature back to Mosul."


Beyond Air Strikes

In Foreign Affairs, AHS speaker Michael O'Hanlon discusses the Obama Administration's plans for an Iraqi National Guard:

"There is only one problem, though. The Iraqi National Guard does not yet exist. Even if many able officers and soldiers are available to join it, it will take some time to determine the characteristics of the force and then create it, meaning that operations to retake the Sunni Arab heartland from ISIS would probably have to wait until 2015."