The Consequences of Obama's Dithering

In The New York Times, AHS speaker Kori Schake explains why the current conflagration in Syria was both predictable and predicted:

"There is a real price to be paid for the time this president has taken deliberating- it's paid in greater risk of attacks on us, narrower options, more fragile allies and deep resentment."


President Obama Had a Terrible Holiday Weekend

In Foreign Policy, AHS speaker Peter Feaver discusses why President Obama doesn't realize he had a terrible weekend, and it should trouble all of us:

"It is telling that the White House sent out the campaign spinners and not the foreign policy experts to sell this particular line. There are few serious experts with real experience in government willing to defend the President's recent handling of foreign policy."


Six Strategies Obama Could Use to Fight the Islamic State

In Politico Magazine, AHS speaker Maj. Gen. Charles Dunlap proposes a strategy for dealing with the Islamic State: Bomb them.

"If we want to have any real hope of preventing such attacks, ISIL needs to be struck—hard, and now."


Budgeting for Austere Defense

In the Strategic Studies Quarterly, AHS speaker Mackenzie Eaglen analyzes the impact of the steep and irresponsible sequestration spending cuts:

"Policymakers must attempt to trace the impact of the BCA—not just sequestration—upon the military both now and into the future." 



The U.S. Needs a New Foreign Policy Agenda for 2016

In Foreign Policy, AHS speaker William Inboden discusses why foreign policy might figure more prominently in the 2016 cycle than it has in recent elections:

"By any reasonable standard the world is a more dangerous place today than it was in 2008. Terrorists we had thought were vanquished are now back with a vengeance, not only reversing the hard-fought gains we had made in Iraq but once again potentially threating the American homeland."



Limited War Is Back

In The National Interest, AHS speaker Jakub Grygiel explains why NATO's current strategic framework might fail to deter further gains by Russia's green men:

"If European states are to respond to Russia’s reintroduction of limited war by embracing the concept of local defense individually, they will need strong encouragement from the United States."


Step Away, Do Nothing, Pat Self on Back

In Foreign Policy, AHS speaker Kori Schake discusses whether the Obama administration has found its grand strategy after all:

"If there actually is an Obama Doctrine -- and it's a debatable point, given the contradictions in the administration's policies -- it is this: Step back, criticize others who step forward, and laud our own moral superiority for doing nothing."