How to Win in Iraq

In Foreign Affairs, AHS speaker Michael O'Hanlon explains why air strikes might not be enough in Iraq:

 "For a president who has been intent on ending two wars and getting American GIs home from both Iraq and Afghanistan, a military return to Iraq would be a bitter pill to swallow."




An Administration With Its Head Cut Off

In Foreign Policy, AHS speaker Kori Schake discusses why the White House is running around from crisis to crisis without a game plan:

"It's just not fun anymore to critique the Obama administration's foreign policy -- it's like picking on the Chicago Cubs. Except the Cubs aren't consistently bad and their mistakes haven't accrued lasting damage to our country."


Turkey’s Pariah President

In Commentary, AHS speaker Michael Rubin describes Prime Minister Erdoğan's shady path to the presidency:

"Erdoğan is now unwelcome in Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Israel, and the Palestinian Authority, something no previous Turkish statesman had ever achieved. So much for the role of respected mediator."



Airstrikes in Iraq don’t substitute for strategy

In AEI Ideas, AHS speaker and AEI scholar Michael Rubin discusses President Obama's recent airstrike announcement:

"Obama seems to compartmentalize Iraq and Syria as two different problems; but the nature of ISIS and, more broadly, the al Qaeda model from which it broke off, is that they act not as national insurgencies but as pan-national insurgencies." 



Obama Steps up on Protecting Religious Freedom

In Foreign Policy, AHS speaker and University of Texas-Austin faculty adviser William Inboden offers praise for positive measures taken recently by the Obama administration on religious freedom:

"As it approaches its final two years in office, it now has arguably its most capable diplomatic team yet on these issues in Assistant Secretary for Democracy, Rights, and Labor Tom Malinowski and Ambassador-designate Saperstein."


What Was He Thinking?

In Mosaic, AHS speaker Michael Doran discusses why John Kerry’s foreign policy decisions led Israeli critics to believe that he was not thinking at all:

"The president is dreaming of an historical accommodation with Iran. The goal looms so large as to influence every other facet of American policy." 



A Wake Up Call to Washington on Defense

In Real Clear Defense, AHS speaker Mackenzie Eaglen explains why the Budget Control Act's severe defense cuts could lead to disastrous outcomes for the American military:

 "Growing global insecurity is now directly affecting America’s economic prosperity, and Washington will have to address both at some point no matter what. The question is whether policymakers will chose to pay now or pay more later."