10 Ways the U.S. Should Respond to Russia’s Role in Plane Crash

In The Daily Signal, AHS speaker James Jay Carafano discusses the "act of barbarism" that took 298 lives on a Malaysian Airlines flight:

"Moscow must be held to account for its role in this atrocity, which further underscores that the Russian reset is dead, as well as for its actions on the ground in Ukraine."



Time for an Anwar Sadat moment in the Middle East

In The National Interest, AHS speaker Michael Rubin explains how history could be a guide to solving the conflict between Hamas and Israel:

"If to a hammer, everything looks like a nail, then to the State Department, every crisis looks like an opportunity for a diplomatic process. Sometimes, however, doing nothing can be the best strategy."



A Nuclear Deal with Iran: The Proliferation Challenge

In The National Interest, AHS speaker Matthew Kroenig discusses the risks of nuclear proliferation:

"A comprehensive nuclear deal with Iran could help solve what President Barack Obama has called 'one of the leading security challenges of our time.'"




The Shi'ites of the Middle East: An Iranian fifth column?

AHS speaker and AEI resident scholar Michael Rubin has co-authored a booklet highlighting the diversity of Shi’ite communities in the Middle East and efforts by each to resist Iranian political and religious domination:

"As sectarian violence rages in Iraq and Syria and simmers across the broader region, the role of the Middle East’s diverse Shi’ite communities has become increasingly important for regional stability."




In Tibet to Stay

In The Weekly Standard, AHS adviser Max Boot discusses China's "spiffy police state":

"The Chinese have killed hundreds of thousands of Tibetans and inflicted upon them oppression that has been described as cultural genocide."



Islamic State vs. Syrian Kurds

In Commentary Magazine, AHS speaker Michael Rubin analyzes the State Department's stance on the Syrian Kurds:

"The U.S. position is both strategic and moral malpractice."





Get Tough with Tehran

 In the Brookings Institution's Iran at Saban blog, AHS speaker Michael Doran explains why the time has come to halt the American retreat from the Middle East:

"The very existence of the op-ed by Crocker, Luers, and Pickering is Exhibit "A" for the case against their own argument."