Sequestration-lite Is Slowly Undermining US Forces

In the Jewish Policy Center's inFocus Quarterly, AHS speaker Mackenzie Eaglen explains why no federal entity has been hit harder by sequestration than the U.S. military:

"Sequestration is a term only Washington could love. What it translates into are automatic budget cuts because politicians could not agree on how to make more sensible and bipartisan ones."



@ISIS Is #Winning

In Foreign Policy, AHS speaker Kori Schake explains why a barbaric medieval caliphate is so much better at social media than Washington:
"As the United States was busy playing its World Cup round-of-sixteen game, IS tweeted a picture of a decapitated head with the caption that it was the Islamic State's ball."

The New Middle East War

In Mosaic, AHS speaker Michael Doran questions whose side the U.S. is on in the new Middle East war:

"There are suggestions that President Obama’s neglect of Iraq has been at least as harmful as was the interventionism of his predecessor, if not more so."



Afghans Need to Demonstrate Readiness for Democracy

In The Daily Signal, AHS speaker Lisa Curtis assesses the June elections in Afghanistan which have led to a full-blown political crisis:

"If Afghans can’t achieve a peaceful resolution, they risk losing international support and aid and seeing their country devolve into an ethnic-based civil war."



Congratulations to Our Winning Chapters

On June 27, the Alexander Hamilton Society hosted a reception to kick off our 2014 Student Leader Conference. At the reception, our Executive Director Mitch Muncy announced the winners of our three annual chapter awards.

Congratulations to the three winning chapters of the 2013-14 school year!


Chapter of the Year: The Ohio State University, Chapter President Alexander Pantich

Best New Chapter: The University of Dallas, Chapter President Benjamin Gibbs

Most Improved Chapter: Johns Hopkins University SAIS, Chapter President Eric Sigmon

The winners of the Chapter of the Year and Best New Chapter awards will receive four all-expense paid trips, and our Most Improved Chapter will receive two places at their choice of the Reagan National Defense Forum in Simi Valley, California, or the 2014 Foreign Policy Initiative Forum in Washington, D.C.


The Palestinian Mess

In National Review, AHS adviser Elliott Abrams assesses this week's Israeli–Palestinian situation:

"Sixty rockets in two days fell on Israel this past Friday and Saturday, and that is a pace Israel will not tolerate."


Have We Hit Peak America?

In Foreign Policy, AHS speaker Elbridge Colby and AHS director Paul Lettow argue that American leadership in the world is imperiled:

"The United States cannot hide from the world. Rather, it must compete. And if it competes well, it can restore not only its economic health, but also its strength for the long haul. That resilience will preserve Americans' ability to determine their fate and the nation's ability to lead in the way its interests require."