Why ‘Reset’ Failed: Diplomacy with Rogues Rarely Works

In World Affairs, AHS speaker Michael Rubin examines why Hilary Clinton's "reset" got it wrong:

"To sanction two dozen individuals in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is the diplomatic equivalent of double-secret probation in Animal House—a response that mostly just makes those imposing it feel good." 



The Moral Math of Trading with Enemies

In the New York Daily News, AHS speaker David Schenker analyzes the high price paid to bring a country's citizens — dead or alive — back home:

"For many countries, the principle of leaving no man or woman behind is sacred. But these transactions are problematic. As with the law of supply and demand, when a country pays for captives, it’s likely to encourage more kidnappings. Just ask Israel."


How to Lose Friends and Alienate Allies

 In Foreign Policy, AHS speaker Kori Schake of the Hoover Institution explains why America's friends in Europe are wishing for the good old days of George W. Bush:

"The Obama administration has achieved a landmark heretofore considered impossible: they are making America's allies homesick for the administration of George W. Bush."


The Man Who Broke the Middle East

In Politico Magazine, AHS adviser Elliott Abrams analyzes the net effect of five and a half years of Obama policy:

"So there’s one other thing a lot of Israeli and Arab leaders share, as they shake their heads and compare notes in those secret meetings: an urgent wish that Jan. 20, 2017, were a lot closer."


Ten Recommendations for Understanding History

We were very pleased to host Walter Russell Mead of The American Interest at a Hamilton Society event last Thursday evening. Mead spoke to our DC Professional Chapter over dinner, recommending a list of good resources for thinking well about the interplay of history and contemporary politics:

1. Kissinger, Henry, A World Restored: Metternich, Castlereagh and the Problems of Peace, 1812-22 His list of ten books for recommended reading "for thinking well about the interplay of history and contemporary politics" is published online at The American Interest:

2. Ibid, Diplomacy

3. Churchill, Winston, A History of the English Speaking Peoples 

4. Ibid, Marlborough: His Life and Times (and Vol. 2 here)

5. Carlyle, Thomas, The French Revolution: A History 

6. Macaulay, Thomas Babington, The History of England: From the Accession of King James

7. Chernow, Ron, Washington: A Life

8. Ibid, Alexander Hamilton 

9. Hackett Fischer, David, Albion’s Seed: Four British Folkways in America

10. Ibid, Washington’s Crossing 



The United States should not cooperate with Iran on Iraq

In The Washington Post, AHS speaker Michael Doran and AHS advisor Max Boot assess the growing disaster in Iraq:

"We don’t have to, and should not, ally with one group of terrorists to fight another."




Obama's Test

In Commentary MagazineAHS advisor Max Boot asks whether President Obama can pivot away from failure:

"Obama is one of our smartest presidents so he must know how badly things are going. But he is also one of our most arrogant presidents so it will be especially hard for him to admit that what he’s done before simply isn’t working."