China and the Age of Contempt

In Foreign Policy, AHS speaker and co-founder Dan Blumenthal discusses President Obama's recent trip to China:

"Though China has been increasingly aggressive in the South and East China Seas over the last three years, the dispatch of an oil rig indicates a troubling change in Chinese behavior."




America Should Not Soften Its Nuclear Demands of Iran

In The Washington Post, AHS speaker Michael Singh discusses this week's upcoming nuclear negotiations with Iran:

"The surest way to avoid strategic failure is to insist on strict limits on Iran’s nuclear activities and intrusive inspections, and credibly threaten stiff penalties for cheating."


QDR Should Ring Alarm Bells for Policymakers

In the AEI Ideas blog, AHS speaker Mackenzie Eaglen discusses President Obama's updated defense strategy:

"The QDR rings enough alarm bells to raise a big red flag for policymakers. It notes that current budgets only support a force that will still face increased risk in some missions."




Getting Ready for a Bad Deal

In The Weekly Standard, AHS adviser Elliott Abrams explains why Israel has been getting a lot of attention:

"Netanyahu discussed the world’s blind refusal to see what was coming in the 1930s despite all the evident warnings: 'How is it possible that so many people failed to understand reality? The bitter, tragic truth is this: It is not that they did not see. They did not want to see.'” 



Ukrainian Unrest and Obama’s Failed “Reset”

In Ricochet, AHS speaker Colin Dueck discusses the American response to Ukraine's escalating violence:

"Both understandings tend to encourage a form of binary thinking within the liberal Western press: either we say and do more to support democracy in Ukraine for humanitarian reasons, or we stay out of it as cold-blooded realists who have no stake in this fight. This is a flawed understanding of what is really at stake."


Maintaining Momentum on Ukraine

In The American Interest, AHS speaker Michael Singh discusses how our tougher sanctions against Russia are making an impact:

"Even if Putin’s comments represent a policy shift by Russia and open the door to more productive diplomacy, the crisis in Ukraine is far from over."


NATO Is Irreplacable

In The Fresno BeeAHS speaker Gary Schmitt discusses why NATO is irreplaceable, but must quickly shore up its military might:

"NATO's relevance to American and Western security is not a new question. At the end of the Cold War, there were numerous voices here and on the continent doubting NATO's continued importance. With no overriding Soviet threat to hold capitals together, how, it was asked, would NATO ever be able to act in concert?"