Ukraine Adrift Between East and West

In the Hoover Institution's StrategikaAHS speaker Kori Schake discusses the unrest in Ukraine:

"Russia’s aggressive use of economic blackmail against Ukraine has already commenced a move by Europeans to reduce their reliance on Russian oil and gas. Achieving that goal is at least a decade away, and Russians may calculate that as an inevitable outcome anyway, so not alter their behavior."




Obama’s Defense-Spending Crisis

In Commentary Magazine, AHS adviser Max Boot discusses the startling cuts to the U.S. defense budget:

"Even if the U.S. armed forces are somehow able to cobble enough resources together to continue their current commitments, they will be unprepared for future wars—which, if history is any guide, will come no matter how much we may want to avoid them."


When Asian Leaders Look at Obama, They See Ukraine and Syria

In Foreign Policy, AHS speaker William Inboden discusses President Obama's recent trip to Asia:

"Across the board America's bilateral relations with the great powers are at their lowest points since Obama took office in 2009. Our European allies find us unpersuasive, our Asian allies find us unreliable, and Russia and China find us irresolute and inconsistent."


University of Dallas Chapter Wins Spirit Award

Congratulations to our University of Dallas chapter for receiving the Spirit Award at the Student Activities and Leadership Reception, an award given exclusively by the University of Dallas to student organizations that exhibit an exceptional level of distinction in service to the university community. 


Obama's Baseball Metaphor Makes No Sense

In Foreign Policy, AHS speaker Kori Schake illustrates why avoiding errors in foreign policy isn't the same as getting hits:

"One of the reasons the president is such a polarizing force in American politics is that he caricatures the views of his critics, as though there is no legitimate basis for difference on the demanding issues of the day." 


Mr. President, Leave the Strawman in Manila

In Foreign Policy, AHS speaker William Inboden discusses President Obama's revealing comments on foreign policy strategy:

"[His] defensive remarks yesterday in Manila trying to explain his foreign policy strategy have garnered substantial headlines. His refusal to describe any strategic principles and priorities was notable."




The Pivot to Nothing

In Foreign Policy, AHS speaker Kori Schake explains why Tom Donilon's empty claims about America’s rebalancing to Asia are obscuring a dangerous reality:

"The joke about the Obama administration's "pivot to Asia" is that the only people who don't believe it is happening are in Asia."