Why Refugee Influx Threatens Stability

In CNN World, AHS speaker and fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy David Schenker explains why the influx of refugees in Lebanon and Jordan threaten their stability:

"The self-immolation of a Syrian refugee in Lebanon last month is a harrowing reminder of the desperate circumstances of those who have fled the war. But the hardship extends beyond just Syrians."


In Iran, It’s the Guys With the Guns Who Call the Shots

In The Weekly Standard, AHS speaker Michael Rubin discusses his new book, Dancing with the Devil:

"We shouldn’t become so invested in the process that we lose sight of national security. We shouldn’t be afraid to walk away from the table. Rogues aren’t simply adversaries, they are states that eschew the rules of diplomacy."



Afghanistan's Elections: What Success Would Look Like

In The National InterestAHS speaker and senior fellow at the Brookings Institution Michael O'Hanlon discusses this year's Afghanistan election:

"To be sure, it often takes a while for the pressures to build to the boiling point when strategic stakes are high. But many American officials and the broader public are now skeptical about just how high the stakes remain in Afghanistan."


Reverse the Defense Cuts

 In National Review OnlineAHS speaker and AEI scholar Gary Schmitt addresses the vital importance of a strong military:

"This is a moment filled with possibility, one in which America might awake from the befuddlement of the post–Cold War era and the hangover of Iraq. Alas, President Obama seems more likely to hit the snooze button and go back to sleep."


Remembering General Mundy

AHS speaker and U.S. Naval War College Professor Mackubin Thomas Owens remembers how one former commandant of the Marine Corps embodied courage that is both intellectual and physical:

"Let us hope that 'changing times' have not eroded such virtues as honor, firm adherence to principle, and courage, both physical and intellectual — virtues that General Mundy possessed in spades."


The Real Trouble With Russia

In Foreign Affairs, AHS speaker and fellow at the Center for a New American Security Elbridge Colby proposes a response to Russia's violation of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty:

"Arms control is and must be a tool of strategy, a way of making the world a bit safer through the acceptance and intelligent manipulation of the very tensions it seeks to mitigate. As Russian behavior becomes more disturbing and dangerous and as the U.S. military predicament becomes more serious around the globe, this is the only responsible path."



So Many Defense Budgets; So Little Clear Direction

In Breaking Defense, AHS speaker Mackenzie Eaglen discusses the 2015 defense budget:

"This is the most confusing defense budget submission in recent times. It will not help Pentagon leaders achieve the goal they seek, which is for Congress and the White House to pass a new law softening the effects of sequestration for the remainder of the decade."