It's Time to Realize that Vladimir Putin Can't Be Trusted

In the Washington Examiner, AHS speaker James Jay Carafano discusses Vladmir Putin's "dirty tricks":

"From dirty tricks to territorial expansionism, Putin has demonstrated his desire to emulate the Soviet Union, not put it in the past. It is time for our president to turn his back on a false friend."



Zombie Theorist Explains Politics Behind "Game of Thrones"

On Tuesday night, the Duke University Chapter of the Alexander Hamilton Society hosted an event titled "International Relations in Game of Thrones" featuring the IR zombie theorist and Tufts University professor Daniel Drezner.

The lecture blending political theory with popular television drew a crowd of 70 students and was featured in The Chronicle:

“Events like this really remind me why it’s so awesome to go to a place like Duke,” sophomore Stephen Yates said. “When your family sits you down to watch “Game of Thrones” over the summer and then you come back and you learn about how it applies to actual politics, it’s pretty cool.”



Nuclear Zero is Dead

In The National Interest, AHS speaker James Jay Carafano discusses President Obama's intent to help rid the world of nuclear weapons:

"Today, 'zero' describes perfectly the likelihood of further bilateral reductions in nuclear arms. Obama has burned all his goodwill with Congress. He won’t get any support for further unilateral cuts."



The Case for Zero Enrichment in Iran

On the Arms Control Association website, AHS speaker Michael Singh discusses the debate over sanctions on Iran:

"The U.S. shift away from zero enrichment to limited enrichment represents a significant diplomatic victory for Iran."


Texas A&M Chapter Debate Draws Over 150 Students

Professor Andrew Natsios, Dean Ryan Crocker, Dr. Joe Cerami

On February 28, the Texas A&M University Chapter of the Alexander Hamilton Society hosted an event on "The 3 Ds of American Foreign Policy" which drew over 150 students.

The event, featured on The Bush School website, featured former Ambassador and Dean of the Bush School Ryan Crocker, the Bush School of Government and Public Service, as well as Andrew Natsios and Joseph Cerami, professors at the Bush School of Government and Public Service.


The Reluctant Mullah

In Altmuslimah, AHS speaker Jennifer Bryson reviews The Reluctant Mullah, by Sagheer Afzal which she desribes as:

"Piercing, with a devastating thrust, into the depths of what it means to submit to God even in the face of excruciating tragedy."



America's Navy Needs 12 Carriers & Three Hubs

In RealClearDefense, AHS speaker Mackenzie Eaglen discusses President Obama's latest defense budget cuts:

"Congress must now decide if America’s single-digit carrier fleet is enough to meet the global demands of a superpower. The short answer is no."