The Pentagon’s Growing Army of Bureaucrats

In the Wall Street Journal, AHS speaker Mackenzie Eaglesuggests that we watch President Obama's defense priorities as he unveils his annual budget today:

"His State of the Union address presented plenty of new ideas to invest in nondefense domestic programs, but the Pentagon’s budget got zero mention—even as the specter of sequestration looms again for fiscal 2016."



Sri Lanka Is Ready to Take Center Stage

In the Wall Street Journal, AHS speakers Kara Bue and Lisa Curtis discuss why Sri Lanka should get higher billing on the U.S. foreign-policy agenda:

"Sri Lanka’s dramatic and peaceful nod to democracy should not be overlooked. Sri Lankans now have a choice with whom to engage, and China needn’t be their only friend. The U.S. should move quickly to take advantage of the opening presented by the newly elected government." 



We Need to Debate What’s Right, Wrong with American Military Power

In the Daily Signal, AHS speaker James Jay Carafano discusses why the laments over Iraq and Afghanistan seem to be coming in record numbers:

"Matters of war and warfare should never be taken lightly. Providing for the common defense is the most sacred and serious duty our government has. How our leaders in and out of uniform perform their duties deserves unrelenting, serious scrutiny." 



The Paradox in Obama’s Foreign Policy

In the Wall Street Journal, AHS speaker Michael Singh assesses President Barack Obama's foreign policy assertions in his recent State of the Union address:

"We have also fallen short when it comes to deploying multiple elements of power in support of clear strategies and goals." 



Protecting the Gains in Afghanistan

In the Wall Street Journal, AHS speaker Michael O'Hanlon considers whether Afghanistan is truly a forgotten cause:

"But measured against core standards, the mission is far from a failure. Two imperative goals have been preventing future extremist attacks against the West from Afghan soil and giving Afghans a solid stake in their future so they will not turn again to the Taliban or be vulnerable to a takeover." 



Know Thy Enemy

In the American Interest, AHS speaker Jakub Grygiel discusses why the modern Western penchant for trusting in the equal rationality of all is strategic folly:

"The modern Western penchant for trusting in the equal rationality of all suggests otherwise. According to this conceit, there is no reason to plumb the nature of an enemy’s thinking because it is no different in essence from one’s own. But this is wrong."


The Opportunity Obama Missed in the State of the Union

In Foreign Policy, AHS speaker Kori Schake discusses why President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address showed that he is not that interested in governing:

"It was perversely fascinating to watch the man who condescendingly explained to the Republican congressional leadership in 2009 that “elections have consequences” sail with such imperious disdain through a speech wholly unconnected to the political realities of the legislative body to which he delivered this speech."